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I've been thinking about ideas for the contest, and I have finally come up with a perfect theme which I am very excited to judge.....

The theme is:  Create your own Doctor Who villain.  Please read all the rules.

:bulletpink: Entry MUST be made for this contest.  Meaning only entries submitted after today will be allowed.
:bulletpink: Do not steal anything copyrighted.  Basically, just come up with your own design and don't just take a pre-existing one.
:bulletpink: TWO entries per person will be allowed.  But this does not mean that you must submit two.  One or two, but no more than that.
:bulletpink: Because of the type of contest this is, I am sorry to say, but written entries will not be allowed.  What will be allowed is: Drawings (traditional or digital), paintings, photo manipulations, sculptures, and things of that nature.
:bulletpink: Please only submit completed works, no WIPs.
:bulletpink: There will be a specific folder in the group to submit entries.  If, however, you are for some reason unable to submit your entry into the folder, you may NOTE me (MrPenguinPants), and I will send a reply verifying that I received your entry.
:bulletpink: Similar to above, if there are any questions at all, you may note me.  I am happy to talk anything over with anyone.

:bulletpink: The deadline for this contest will be one month away.  At midnight (EST -5 hr) on September 7th (technically the 8th, I suppose), the contest will end, and no more entries will be accepted.
This should give you plenty of time.

:star:First Place:
    :bulletpink: A three-month subscription.
    :bulletpink: A fully-coloured request from me (MrPenguinPants).
    :bulletpink: A feature both here on the group's page, and also on my personal page.

:star::star:Second Place:
    :bulletpink: A simple-coloured request from me (meaning little to no shading).
    :bulletpink: A feature both here on the group's page, and also on my personal page.

:star::star::star:Third Place:
    :bulletpink: A sketch request from me (may or may not be coloured depending on how I feel about it).
    :bulletpink: A feature here on the group's page.


Remember to have fun.  :)  It's not all about winning, it is about having fun designing a creature you would like to see the Doctor fight.  (Bonus points for including the Doctor in your drawing, and not just drawing the creature.  Keep that in mind.)

Have fun!  I cannot wait to see some entries!

-Your Whovian Leader.