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I've been thinking about ideas for the contest, and I have finally come up with a perfect theme which I am very excited to judge.....

The theme is:  Create your own Doctor Who villain.  Please read all the rules.

:bulletpink: Entry MUST be made for this contest.  Meaning only entries submitted after today will be allowed.
:bulletpink: Do not steal anything copyrighted.  Basically, just come up with your own design and don't just take a pre-existing one.
:bulletpink: TWO entries per person will be allowed.  But this does not mean that you must submit two.  One or two, but no more than that.
:bulletpink: Because of the type of contest this is, I am sorry to say, but written entries will not be allowed.  What will be allowed is: Drawings (traditional or digital), paintings, photo manipulations, sculptures, and things of that nature.
:bulletpink: Please only submit completed works, no WIPs.
:bulletpink: There will be a specific folder in the group to submit entries.  If, however, you are for some reason unable to submit your entry into the folder, you may NOTE me (MrPenguinPants), and I will send a reply verifying that I received your entry.
:bulletpink: Similar to above, if there are any questions at all, you may note me.  I am happy to talk anything over with anyone.

:bulletpink: The deadline for this contest will be one month away.  At midnight (EST -5 hr) on September 7th (technically the 8th, I suppose), the contest will end, and no more entries will be accepted.
This should give you plenty of time.

:star:First Place:
    :bulletpink: A three-month subscription.
    :bulletpink: A fully-coloured request from me (MrPenguinPants).
    :bulletpink: A feature both here on the group's page, and also on my personal page.

:star::star:Second Place:
    :bulletpink: A simple-coloured request from me (meaning little to no shading).
    :bulletpink: A feature both here on the group's page, and also on my personal page.

:star::star::star:Third Place:
    :bulletpink: A sketch request from me (may or may not be coloured depending on how I feel about it).
    :bulletpink: A feature here on the group's page.


Remember to have fun.  :)  It's not all about winning, it is about having fun designing a creature you would like to see the Doctor fight.  (Bonus points for including the Doctor in your drawing, and not just drawing the creature.  Keep that in mind.)

Have fun!  I cannot wait to see some entries!

-Your Whovian Leader.
I want to form some sort of contest here.
Not huge prizes, but prizes could include free art from me, and possibly a subscription.  Plus, you would get a feature here on the group's page.
Let me know who would be interested in entering a contest, and if anybody would be interested in donating prizes as well.  :)

-Your Whovian leader.
Go check this out, it is pretty spectacular:…
Made by: :iconmightyotaking:
Hello everyone…

im here looking for someone to play are crazy, weird and silly Doctor. Ether 10th or 11th doctor will do for who ever you like. I love both because they make me laugh. I swear on the first esp of the 11th doctor I couldn’t stop laughing.

I have Oc that I made up. She is about the same height as the Doctor, long black hair down passed her butt, blue eyes like the ocean and she is a time lady aka female time lord. How you ask ? well she was out on a mission a while back before the planet was gone, as she was headed back her tardis was hit and sent into a ice plaent. Before her tardis crashed it did one last thing to save it owner and put her in a deep deep sleep. When they crashed the plaent coverd the tradis up and and froze it for a few years. Even thoe she was asleep her brain was working serch for someone to save her. And one day she reached out to another Tardis and so the story begins there.

I like to rp on msn or yahoo messenger
im also 23 years old.
This is from my journal and I think something that should be brought to the attention of all Doctor Who artists:

"I am loathe to have to post this, but I am doing so to expose something and someone which has been brought to my attention today. The subject: This person has been going about on most likely lurking and taking Doctor Who Artwork which he or she deems to be 'bad and ugly' and reposting it on their tumblr account with the express purpose of flaming, defaming and making a pure mockery of the artists of the art they have posted (The best part is they didn't even ASK if they could use the artwork!!) This person has made scathing comments on pieces such as

" The part of the Tenth Doctor/Jack Skellington will be played this evening by his understudy, Mr Rotting Potato."

"Fun Game! See how much the resemblance to an actual body and proper proportion diminishes the further down you scroll!"

"The best part of this image is the MSPainted question mark on the collar."

"I was unaware Ren and Stimpy’s Mr. Horse had produced any offspring. You learn something new everyday."

... And the awful comments go on. Two of my very close friends searingdestiny and Lacrymosa-Fairy have been victimised by this wretched excuse for an individual and all I can say is that I am furious. I have filed a complaint to both deviantART and Tumblr and I hope that something will be done about this because how DARE this person take peoples work - no matter the quality and flame it like that! I would ask that people would spread the news about this person and expose them for the wretched individual that they are!

Flamers like this need to be taken down!"